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TELEXFREE - Make money by posting Ads

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TelexFree  MLM  Program  Launched  At BRAZIL On  Jan-2012.  This  Program  Has Made  Many Millionaires  In  Brazil  in  the Last  12 Months.  Now  Launched  Worldwide


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You join TelexFree either with an AdCentral package $299 or the AdCentral Family pack for $1375.
Adcentral Pack – You Get
1.    10 licenses of the long distance service values at $49.90 each or a retail value of $499. Your cost is $299, and when these packages are sold to your customers you receive a total of $499.00. If you do not want to sell, see Ad Posting below.
2.    A contract allowing you to post 1 ads per day and earn advance commissions up to $20 per week or $1,040 for up to 52 weeks.
Adcentral Family Pack – You Get:
1.    50 licenses of the long distance service valued at $2495 with your cost being $1375. If you sold all 50 licenses to customers during the year you receive a total of $2495.00 in retail commissions. If you do not want to sell, see Ad Posting below.
2.    A contract allowing you to post 5 ads per day and earn advance commissions of $100 per week or $5,200 for 52 weeks. We have distributors on our team purchasing 1 family pack and then they buy 10 more family packs underneath their first family pack position for a total of $15125 . These folks will get $52,000 for 52 weeks! WOW!
Telexfree Ad Posting
This first level of earnings is made by simply posting your preselected ad/ads daily. The key is being consistent because if you miss a day…you start the week over. These ads have been selected because they work and with you help posting the ads around the internet the company makes sales. In addition, you can click on the HOW-TO link in the top menu of this site and read how our team use the site to simplify our daily ad posting task. We also use a service that places our ads for us.
You’ll get paid weekly for this activity after your 2nd week in TelexFree and every 7 days thereafter. You do the work… you get paid. In most MLM/network marketing businesses, you end up paying and paying and paying…. But with Telexfree, EVERYONE gets paid!
And that’s just the first level of earning potential there’s more!
TelexFREE PAY PLAN – 6 Ways to EARN!
1.    You get paid EVERY time you bring in another Telexfree distributor! You receive $20 for each referral who purchases the $299 AdCentral package and $100 for each referral who purchases the $1375 AdCentral Family package!

2.    Again you get $44.91 from Telexfree when you sell the service. BUT You also get $4.99 monthly commissions from service subscriber customers for as long as they remain on the service. You will receive $0.99 on ALL other customers in your whole team! As your team grows, you qualify to get paid through 5 levels of referrals. THIS IS POWERFUL. If you referred 5 customers and your team members did the same through five levels you would get a check for $19,000 per month in residual income.